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Data/File Transfer, Backup, Recovery Services

We have seen how devastating data loss can be. While we can fix hardware and software problems, the one thing we are not able to replace is your data. Whether it’s your family photos, tax files, or business documents, we understand how important your data is.

We are experts at transferring your unique data to new computers, and from Mac to PC and vice versa.

We can implement a multi-tiered computer backup system to help lessen the chance of data loss, reduce the stress about ‘what if your computer crashes,’ and the need for 'data recovery.' You can never have too many backups!

But if your computer crashes before there is a backup, or your files can’t be easily recovered from your computer, we can assist with the recovery of your data from the failed drive.

Computer Data Transfer

Data Transfer

Wondering how to get all your data from your old computer over to the new one? Computer Center Santa Cruz can help setup your new computer by installing your programs and transferring your data, settings, bookmarks, email and anything else you may need.

We routinely setup new computers, migrate data between Macs and PCs, or from aging computers to new ones.


Data Backup

Hard drives are the most common part to fail in your computer. They also contain the most valuable component, YOUR DATA! Having a backup setup for your computer can help prevent losing those precious files, memories, or business information.

We setup economical local and online/cloud based backups, for individuals or businesses.

Start with the end and work your way back. "If your data was all gone, what would/could you do" and do so from each of the Reasons below. Then figure out the best Way to backup for your needs.

Reasons to backup: Hard drive failure, Accidental deletion, Disaster, Disgruntled employee, Malware/Ransomware, Theft.

Ways to backup: Internal or external backup hard drive, Network backup server or NAS, Rotating external drives that leaves the building, Online/cloud backups, File syncing services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud Drive.

Computer Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Computer died or not booting? Hard drive crashed? Liquid spilled on your laptop?

Don’t give up hope. Our staff can help recover your data as if it never happened. If our techs cant resolve the issue, we have partnerships (and discounts) with some of the most well-respected data recovery companies in the industry.

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