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Computer Training and Tutoring

Our computer techs can help you with practically any computer subject, on the vast majority of devices.

Do you have a new MacBook Pro you need to learn how to use? Or perhaps Windows 10 is foreign and perplexing.

Have a bunch of photos you need to scan and archive? or sync to the cloud to share with your family?


We can walk you through how to use your email program, show you how to work with Microsoft Office® documents, how to sync your devices to each other, explain what 'the cloud is' and how it can better work for you and so much more.


Each person has a unique view and understanding of how their computer and technology works. We aim to clear up any misconceptions, remove fear, and simply make technology easier for you to use in your daily life.

We want you to feel comfortable using your computer programs and devices. 

  • Need to know more about the latest version of macOS or Windows® or how to update your operating system?

  • Looking to get more out of your Microsoft Office® programs?

  • Want to learn how to customize and optimize your email account for faster, more efficient communications?

  • Need your calendar to sync between your phone and computer?

  • How to create, communicate and maintain your social media accounts? (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)

  • Need help with processes and solutions to maintain, update and organize your myriad files, photos, etc.


Please reach out to us to schedule a computer tutoring or training session and we'll take great care of you.

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