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Virus and Malware Removal

• Is your computer acting slower than usual?

• Do you get advertisements or weird pop-ups when browsing the internet?

• Are there new and unknown programs on your computer?

• Have you received cold-calls from 'Microsoft' or 'Apple' telling you your computer is infected and only they can help you?

If you've noticed any issues like those mentioned above, likely your computer is infected with some form of virus or malware.

We can help cleanup your computer, remove the viruses and teach you how to avoid getting infected in the future. We won't scam, scare, or convince you against your better judgment. We'll offer education and honestly tell you whats going on.

Please protect yourself. Don't allow someone who cold-calls you (from India most of the time) to convince you to log into your computer and scare or scam you. Whatever you do, please don't give them your credit card or bank account information.

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