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Remote Support

We offer remote support for troubleshooting and maintenance on your Windows PC or Mac

If you're instructed, please click one of the following links to download remote access software TeamViewer or AnyDesk.

-A  file named 'TeamViewerQS or AnyDesk' will begin to download into your standard downloads folder.

-Open your Downloads folder. A Windows user will see a .exe file, while a Mac user will see a .dmg file.

-Double-click the TeamViewerQS/Anydesk file to launch it.

-Tell the User ID and password to the tech assisting you.

-They will then enter your ID and password into their version of the software and be able to log into your computer.

Don't worry, you retain full control of the session, can cancel the session at any time, and once the session is over, no one can reconnect unless you launch the software again and give out the new password.


(latest version)

Chrome Remote Support
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